Who... am I? 

I am Kim Serveau.
I am a wife.
I am a mother. 
I am a cat lover. 
I am a city girl. 
I am a photographer. 

When... did it start? 

When I was a freshman in High School. 
When I joined Yearbook Class. 
When I was given my first Canon 35mm camera. 

Where... am I from?

I am from Grand Rapids, MI where I was born. 
I am from Thousand Oaks, CA where I grew up.
I am from Tempe, AZ where I received my college degree. 
I am from San Francisco where I went to Academy of Art to study photography and where the dream began.

What... can I do for you?

I can capture the kiss on the most important day of your life. 
I can capture your little one's first step. 
I can capture the eye's of your best friend...the cat or dog. 
I can capture the glow and excitement of a mother-to-be.

Why... ?

I love people. 
I love children. 
I love animals. 
I love making people smile.

Cannot wait to meet you!

xo, K